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Everything Is Illuminated (2005)

Nonton Everything Is Illuminated (2005) Film Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Movie Download

GenreComedy, Drama, ActorElijah Wood, Eugene Hutz, Jana Hrabetova, Jonathan Safran Foer,
DirectorLiev Schreiber, CountryUsa,
QualityHDRip, IMDb7.5 /10 from 51863 users
Release14 October 2005Duration1 jam 46 menit


A young Jewish American flies to Ukraine in search of his grandfather�s past. He has a photograph and the name of a village. He hires Odessa Heritage Tours, made up of a gruff old man and his English-speaking grandson. The three, plus grandfather�s deranged dog, travel in an old car from Odessa into Ukraine�s heart. Jonathan, the American, is a collector, putting things he finds into small plastic bags, so he will remember. Alex, the interpreter, is an archetypal wild and crazy guy. Alex asks the old man, �Was there anti-Semitism in the Ukraine before the war?� Will they find the village? The past illuminates everything.

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